UV Disinfecting Robots

During the pandemic, our hygiene habits have changed radically. Both on a personal level and with regard to surfaces, disinfection has to be constant. It is a task that requires time and effort. That is why in some places it complicates operation, such as in warehouses. They are huge buildings where objects come in and out, just like the employees who work on the premises do. That is why MIT has proposed using an autonomous robot to disinfect these types of spaces.

Autonomous robot

It is a robot from the manufacturer Ava Robotics, to which an ultraviolet radiation lamp has been incorporated. Thus, the machine can move freely around the warehouse, thanks to its mobile base, while disinfecting.

The ultraviolet light emitted by the lamp removes 90% of microorganisms from surfaces. Using this autonomous robot to disinfect warehouses can be really effective. Those responsible for the project say that the machine can cover an area of ​​372 square meters in half an hour.

The activity of this autonomous robot to disinfect surfaces takes place while there are no people working. And is that the lamp does not stop emitting ultraviolet light, which is harmful to people in a certain degree of exposure. Those responsible for the project believe that its creation is not only suitable for warehouses. In the future, you could get to clean other places, such as schools or supermarkets.

Automate Disinfection

Disinfection tasks are essential and have to be constant in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. Hence, the automation of this task is something that has been pursued since the beginning of the epidemic. Automatic means of disinfecting the streets were soon used in China. One of these strategies consisted of combing the cities with autonomous vans that did the job on their own.

Drones have also been used, in this case, controlled by remote control, for disinfection. While in some hospitals robots have been used to carry out this task, which is not routinely of the utmost importance. An example of this is the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona, ​​which has tested an autonomous ultraviolet light machine.

This type of ultraviolet light robots is a tool to clean, at least in a very high percentage, surface microorganisms. Not only the coronavirus but also bacteria and fungi.