How 60% of Fish Species Could Disappear By 2100

It is not news that climate change threatens the life of some species that currently inhabit our planet. But from time to time studies emerge that put numbers and dates on these possible future extinctions. They are estimates, but of course, they are a reference to take into account. The following investigation refers to the year 2100 and warns of catastrophic consequences if we do not stop the increase in temperature.

Fish Species

A study conducted by a team of scientists at the Alfred Wegner Institute in Germany has produced worrying estimates. According to this research, by the year 2100, in the worst-case scenario, if the global temperature of the planet were to increase by 5 degrees, 60% of fish species could not support it.

It is a huge percentage compared to what was considered so far. Previous studies claimed that 5% of fish species would cease to exist with an increase of 5 degrees. However, these other works did not take into account all the life cycles of fish. They only studied the species in their adult phase, when they are most resistant.

This research has analyzed the scientific literature on heat tolerance of 694 species of fish, both freshwater and marine. From there they began their own studies, focused on the different life cycles of some species. They looked at the distinguishing characteristics of the spawning adults or embryos.

The conclusion has been devastating. And it is that it will not always be possible for these species to seek colder waters. Well, the spaces to spawn have their peculiarities. The marine animals can not adapt so quickly to such a major change as it would move these places.

In Time to Avoid It

We still have time to take action. Although the consequences will be serious in any case. If the Paris agreements were fulfilled, if the global temperature rise was kept to a maximum of 1.5 degrees, the new research estimates that 10% of fish species would disappear.

Hence, it is not only necessary to apply species conservation techniques, for which there are more and more technological facilities. We must also reduce climate change and limit the increase in temperature. A task that is in everyone’s hands.