Sustainable Innovation Behavior in Restaurants

The MO Movement is born. A new look at urban leisure that is committed to inclusion and sustainability to create value and make more conscious consumption possible. ” This is how they define themselves on their website.

Sustainable Innovation

And is not for less. In 2010, the founders Felipe Turell and Javier Antequera had their first meeting. From that moment, they knew that they wanted to create something together. Today, 10 years later, they have been able to give the green light to their sustainable restaurant.

People, Planet and Profitability

“Our project is a movement, it is a different way of doing things, we don’t just feed,” affirm its creators. This restaurant goes a step further and focuses on using organic, artisan and local products.

Their social and environmental ethics are impeccable, everything is taken care of, from the dishes they use to the uniform of their employees. Although what is most striking is its “decoration”, which also lives up to its philosophy.

Both Felipe and Javier deny decoration as such since they affirm that everything in the premises is functional. That is, each element fulfils a function based on the positive impact and, above all, on the diners.

Examples of Sustainability Within the Premises

Each space in the restaurant is cared for, so we can find examples in everything we use or see.

All materials are reused and, in addition, the real estate is recycled. For example, the benches are made from rubble and the cushions are made from recycled clothing.

Regarding the workers’ uniforms: “The shirts are all made of organic cotton and recycled polyester. The aprons are made with organic cotton and with a material so that they do not have to be washed. Everything has a great life cycle. ”

Other Sustainable Restaurants

Por suerte, Mo de Movimiento no es el único espacio 100% sostenible en el país. Otros restaurantes como Naked & Sated también apuestan por una filosofía responsable con el medio ambiente. En este local utilizan alimentos de temporada, frescos y de cercanía.

K&Co es otro de esos maravillosos ejemplos de locales que necesitamos para salvar el medio natural en el que vivimos. Este establecimiento también apuesta por un concepto 100% respetuoso con el medio ambiente, tanto en su cocina, como en el propio local.

With all this, we see that taking care of the environment while enjoying a good restaurant is possible. Now we only need consumers to bet on this type of sustainable establishments.