Tricks To Unlock Your iPhone With Your Voice

Finding new tricks for iPhone is not something easy, they are practically all discovered, but today we bring you a new one that, although it may not be the most useful in the world, Face ID or Touch ID are faster, it will allow us to unlock our iPhone with our voice. And we must admit that it is very cool to do it.

Unlocking iPhones by Voice

This trick can be executed thanks to the accessibility options included in our iPhone, or our iPad. Apple devices are the most recommended for people with different physical problems, and thanks to the accessibility options they can use the iPhone or iPad like anyone else.

But these options can be used for many other things. The new double back touch of iOS 14 is one of those new accessibility functions that we can all take advantage of, and this trick that we are going to teach you will allow you to unlock your iPhone with the phrase that you like the most.

A Trick Unknown To Most

There are many tricks for iPhone, we have published more than a collection of little-known tricks. Although there are always users who know them, there are millions of people with an iPhone who do not, and they also deserve to know these types of tricks.

Earlier this month, a TikTok video went viral, more than 51 million people had seen this hack. The user @kaansanity found a trick that allows you to take advantage of Apple’s extensive accessibility features to create a voice command that will unlock your iPhone, and we are going to tell you the steps you need to follow to achieve it.

  • On your, iPhone goes to Settings> Accessibility> Voice control and activate it.
  • Now go to Customize commands, click on Custom and Create new command …
  • Write the phrase you want to use to unlock the iPhone, as it works only in English it is better to put single words or phrases in this language.
  • Click on Action and then on Run custom gesture.
  • Now you must simulate the touches you would make on the screen to unlock the iPhone, including pressing the exact points where the numbers are to put the unlock code. It is essential that you follow the steps well and click on the exact points.
  • The first thing you should do is click on Hide controls.
  • Now make the gesture of swiping up from the bottom, wait a couple of seconds and click on the places where the numbers of your unlock code would be. It only supports 4-digit unlock codes.
  • Wait a moment until the controls appear and click Save above.
  • Go back and click Save.
  • Now you can lock the iPhone by saying the phrase you have set.
  • Check that you have clicked on the correct places, it may take several attempts to get it.

This is a pretty amazing trick, we never would have thought it was possible. Although it is true that it is much slower to unlock the iPhone in this way than through Face ID, Touch ID or even typing the code. In addition, your iPhone will be listening to all the time, so it will use more battery, and anyone who knows the phrase will be able to access it.